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AL Logistica is an intermodal freight transport company, road freight transport and integrated logistics, based in Sardinia.

AL Logistica is based on the thirty-year experience of its founder, formerly co-founder and administrator of one of the leading companies in the sector

In a market context that has changed profoundly in recent years, AL Logistica is no longer a mere transport operator, but as a partner company for intermodal freight transport and for the execution of collection, storage and delivery services throughout the  Italian territory.

Punctuality and efficiency are our business cards.
We are in fact able to guarantee the respect of the loading and unloading times of the goods, maintaining the highest quality and efficiency standards necessary to be competitive on the market. We schedule the journeys of our vehicles with the aim of delivering the goods as quickly as possible in compliance with the safety regulations for our drivers.

We organize our service by focusing on full loads and on the transport of large volumes of goods by road or intermodal, preferring the latter whenever possible to guarantee a lower primary transport cost than our competitors.

We are aware that over 30 years of experience behind us are not enough to reassure our customers.

For this reason, we invest in the continuous training of our staff regarding the regulations governing the circulation and storage of goods and the set of administrative obligations to be carried out both during transport and during storage.

In addition our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems and our depots are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by an authorized security institute.

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We love our work and every day we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, precise and quality transport and logistics services.

The care in every detail and the attention in following every customer’s requirement are essential for us for any type of shipment.

All our efforts are aimed at achieving this result.


We at AL Logistica put the same care, precision and seriousness in every service we offer.
That’s why when we have to organize a shipment, we do it according to the high quality standards we are capable of.
This means ensuring that everything goes well: from the first contact call to loading the goods, from monitoring during the journey, up to delivery to destination.